What's this all about?

The Science of Birds podcast and website are resources for you to learn about the biology of your feathered friends.

Birds are diverse, charismatic animals that surround us pretty much wherever we go. The accumulated scientific knowledge about them is vast. So there are countless fascinating things we know about birds. And new studies are continually adding to our understanding.

The Science of Birds is a distilled, curated presentation of nerdy information about birds. It's meant to be fun and accessible for reasonably intelligent humans. No need to dumb things down too much, right?

You, of course, have well above average intelligence, so this should be right up your alley.

The teaching style here is similar to what Ivan (Who? See below) uses during informal adult classes on natural history topics. People seem to like it. This also means that some offbeat humor will find its way into the material. Sorry (not sorry) in advance.

Ivan Phillipsen

Ivan is your podcast host and the creator of The Science of Birds. He is a professional naturalist guide with a background in scientific research.

Ivan has loved animals and nature his whole life. His first obsession was with amphibians and reptiles. This interest led him to graduate school, where he studied amphibians. After earning a Masters degree in Biology and a PhD in Zoology, he did postdoctoral research on aquatic insects. Ivan likes creepy, crawly things.

Along the way, his love of nature expanded to include plants, fungi, and all animals, including birds. Birds have become Ivan's greatest passion. He's an avid birder and co-owns a birding ecotour company called Wild Latitudes. Some places where Ivan leads natural history tours are Mexico, Iceland, Alaska, Uganda, and Fiji.