The Monotypic Balaenicipitidae - Shoebills

The Shoebill is a tall, gray bird that appears more dinosaur-like than most members of the class Aves. It possesses a unique and impressive combination of size, color, and bill shape.

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Learn about the amazing birds in the family Picidae. Their special adaptations make them excellent at excavating wood.

How Do Birds Sleep?

When it comes to sleep, birds do some weird things that are very different from what you and I do.

The Top 5 Threats to Bird Populations

The worlds' bird populations face many threats. Here I discuss the five biggest threats to vulnerable birds, as identified by BirdLife International.

Hummingbirds: Dazzling and Diverse

The remarkable behavioral and anatomical features of hummingbirds are the same things that make them so endearing to us.

Bird Eyes and Vision

Sight is the primary sense most birds use as they go about their daily business. Their color perception and visual acuity are far better than yours.

Bird Songs

Even when we can’t see birds, we can usually hear them. This article explores the structure and functions of the vocal sounds of birds.

The Annual Migrations of Birds

Migration is one of the most amazing things about birds—their seemingly miraculous feats of orientation and endurance on long-distance, annual flights.

Bird Biodiversity

A look at the prehistoric proliferation of birds and their modern-day species diversity. How is this diversity distributed around the world and why is it important?

Us Versus Them: Competition Between Bird Species

The forms and consequences of competition between bird species, in other words: interspecific competition.

The Evolution of Birds: Their Origin and Diversification

An introduction to the long evolutionary history of birds, from the Jurassic to the mass extinction at the end of the Creataceous.