Female Birdsong

This episode is about the singing behavior of female birds, challenging the old misconception that only males sing.

April 19, 2022

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Female Birdsong


This episode is all about Female Birdsong.

Songs are one of the things we love most about birds. They define the soundscapes of the natural world.

Even though humans have been surrounded by singing birds for millions of years, we still have some misconceptions about birdsong. Today’s episode is about a misconception about sex differences in birds… About who sings and who doesn’t.

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Photos of Some Species Mentioned

Female Orange-bellied Leafbird (Chloropsis hardwickii). Photo by James Zhu/Adobe
Gilbert's Whistler (Pachycephala inornata). Photo by Grahame Drady/Adobe


  • Gilbert's Whistler sounds (Xeno Canto recordings XC336497)
  • Orange-bellied Leafbird sounds (Xeno Canto recordings XC65513)
  • Bar-winged Wood Wren sounds (Xeno Canto recordings XC242747)
  • Northern Cardinal sounds (Xeno Canto recordings XC370880)

This work by Ivan Phillipsen is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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