All about the family Bucerotidae. These are the hornbills, key players in the tropical ecosystems of both Africa and Asia.

January 16, 2023

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This episode is all about the family of birds called Bucerotidae. These are the hornbills.

Maybe you’ve heard about hornbills and know a few facts about them. Or maybe you’ve never even heard about these birds. Either way, I think you’ll enjoy today’s podcast episode. These birds are just so cool!

The family Bucerotidae includes several dozen hornbill species. But there’s a second, much smaller avian family that contains birds we also call hornbills. The name of that family is Bucorvidae, the ‘ground-hornbills.’ There are only 2 species of ground-hornbills. I’ll be including them in our conversation today too. Besides, until recently, scientists grouped ground-hornbills into the larger Bucerotidae family.

Hornbill are key players in the tropical ecosystems of both Africa and Asia. There are many fascinating things for us to learn about them.

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Black-casqued Hornbill (Ceratogymna atrata). Photo by TaliZorah/Adobe.
Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill (Tockus leucomelas). Photo by Axel Kluner/Adobe.
Oriental Pied-Hornbill (Anthracoceros albirostris). Photo by
Great Hornbills (Buceros bicornis). Photo by Thongtawat/Adobe.
Helmeted Hornbills (Buceros vigil). Female on left; male on right. Photo by JT Jeeraphun/Adobe.
Abyssinian Ground-Hornbill (Bucorvus abyssinicus) in Uganda. Photo by Ivan Phillipsen.


  • Black-casqued Hornbill sounds (Xeno Canto recording XC718957)
  • Southern Ground-Hornbill sounds (Xeno Canto recording XC279886)
  • Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill sounds (Xeno Canto recording XC364524)
  • Hemprich's Hornbill sounds (Xeno Canto recording XC300781)
  • Trumpeter Hornbill sounds (Xeno Canto recording XC323374)
  • Great Hornbill sounds (Xeno Canto recording XC295013)
  • Samar Hornbill sounds (Xeno Canto recording XC321040)
  • Knobbed Hornbill sounds (Xeno Canto recording XC413952)
  • African Gray Hornbill sounds (Xeno Canto recording XC640727)

This work by Ivan Phillipsen is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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